Editorial: How the West was saved

Editorial: How the West was saved

Sheriff Gensler was nowhere to be seen either – though some said he had been seen on the Hill, munching corn dogs late at night.

“Roll up, roll up!” cried Ringmaster Swagger. “Place your bets! Everyone’s a winner! Them movie investors and finance dudes way down in Hollywood want to hedge their risk (that means get some other guy to take it) in case some of them thar pictures is flops. And who can blame them? Wouldn’t you like to be able to sell your corn, even when it’s full of weevils?

“And the best part is, if they turn out to be wrong and them lousy pictures is hits after all, you’ll make pots of money! Don’t be shy – you’re the American people. You know better than those professionals. You’re bound to spot the winners – at least some of the time.”

Deputy Sommers was staunch and Deputy Chilton was true – but they were outnumbered. All they could do was pin proclamations to the courthouse door saying they had grave doubts about the carnival.

The tents were up and Cantor and Veriana were just about to start selling tickets when Colonel Lincoln of the US Cavalry charged into town and spoiled the party.

“The city elders down in Hollywood sent for me,” she gasped, “but if the Army hadn’t already been on the move in your district, I couldn’t have done nuthin. Now give me a beer and I’ll be on my way – there’s trouble brewing down in Arkansas.”