HKMEx to use Greenline Technologies for Fix connectivity

HKMEx to use Greenline Technologies for Fix connectivity

HKMex will implement the VeriFix and CertiFix products from Greenline’s Fix products. VeriFix users can test multiple counterparties and simulate scenarios 24 hours a day. The protocol can also be customised to support multiple types of Fix connectivity, providing users flexibility to support a range of testing needs. CertiFix is a web-based, automated certification system designed to certify multiple counterparties.

The exchange uses Fix 4.4 messages for participant connectivity and clearing and settlement through LCH.Clearnet. The integration, quality assurance and support teams of the HKMEx will use VeriFix to test orders, as well as post-trade messages, providing end-to-end testing for all Fix traffic in and out of the HKMEx trading infrastructure.

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