Blogg and Hasham leave NYSE Liffe

Blogg and Hasham leave NYSE Liffe

Two of the leading figures in NYSE Liffe’s commodity derivatives section have departed the exchange, according to FOWi sources writes Nicola Tavendale.

They join a growing list of eminent departures from the NYSE Euronext’s London offices ahead of Intercontinental Exchange’s planned acquisition of the group later this year.

Peter Blogg left his role as head of product and market development in April and his LinkedIn profile states he is on garden leave until mid-July.

Short run in role

Having joined NYSE Euronext’s London-based derivatives exchange over 7 years ago, his experience in the global commodity derivatives and physical markets spans more than 17 years.

Blogg had returned to Liffe following his previous departure in 2000, after which he worked as a business development director for commodity market services and as a senior associate for derivatives consultancy, Contango Markets.

His colleague Eric Hasham has also left his role as head of market development, commodity derivatives which he took on last October.

Back to Liffe

In a career spanning more than 2 decades, he notably also held the role of acting CEO of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange for two years until 2011.

Hasham had previously worked as a consultant for Euronext in 2006, supporting the feasibility review and subsequent development and launch of the raw sugar futures contract in addition to developing other new over the counter commodity products.

Earlier this year FOWi also reported NYSE Liffe’s head of fixed income derivatives Paul MacGregor departure to join technology vendor FFastFill.

Most recently, Gemma Lloyd left after just four months as the group’s sales and business development manager for Northern Europe to head the client service team for clearing and settlement firm, GH Financials.

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