DataLend launches sec lending reporting

DataLend launches sec lending reporting

DataLend has released its client performance reporting service, which enables agent lenders and beneficial owners to benchmark their securities lending performance.

The service allows users to produce customisable reports on overall firm, beneficial owner organisation and legal entity-level performance metrics over time. It allows for peer group performance comparisons and benchmarking using a variety of filters, including collateral types allowed, fiscal location, fund size, fund type and other attributes.

It takes a standardised approach to peer group benchmarking, allowing for flexibility while ensuring a representative sample size.

Ben Glicher, chief information officer and head of DataLend, said: “More than ever, beneficial owners are asking for more transparency into the performance of their securities lending programmes. Client performance reporting allows agent lenders to supply their clients with insight into their securities lending activities, not just on an individual beneficial owner level but with the added depth of benchmarking against industry peers.”

The service is available to DataLend’s agent lender users. Beneficial owners may also request reports.

DataLend, the securities finance market data provider, was launched in 2013 by EquiLend.

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