KraneShares, Bosera license MSCI China A index

KraneShares, Bosera license MSCI China A index

MSCI announced that Krane Funds Advisors and Bosera Asset Management have licensed the MSCI China A Index as the basis of a new exchange traded fund (ETF) trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Jonathan Krane, chief executive officer of KraneShares, said: “This will be the first NYSE-listed ETF tracking the MSCI China A Index, which provides the broadest exposure to the opportunities of the A shares market.”

Charles Wang, Bosera’s chief investment officer, said: "The MSCI China A Index covers not only large cap but also mid cap stocks with significant index exposures to growth sectors such as consumer durables, consumer staples, healthcare and technologies. We look forward to working closely with KraneShares to offer the first MSCI-linked China A ETF for US investors."

“Recent developments in the Chinese domestic capital markets have had wide implications for investors globally and the MSCI China A Index represents broad access to the opportunity set in the region,” said Diana Tidd, managing director and head of the MSCI Index business in the Americas.

“We are pleased to be working with KraneShares and Bosera as they introduce this new MSCI index-linked ETF that will give US investors direct access to the China A shares market.”

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