BlackRock launches 14 ETFs in Europe

BlackRock launches 14 ETFs in Europe

BlackRock has launched a suite of 14 low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) in Europe that were only previously available in North America.

Known as the iShares core series, the ETFs are
designed to provide access to some of the most popular exposures at a low cost.

The launch responds to the “coming of age” of the European ETF market, which has grown 23% annually over the last five years.

“The industry is at a tipping point for mass market usage. What started as a tool for institutions has now been adopted by a broad spectrum of investors,” said Rachel Lord, head of iShares for Emea.

“We are seeing a shift in usage as passive investments increasingly move to the core of client portfolios and investors use them to build low cost and diversified solutions for the long term.”

The iShares core series comprises nine equity ETFs and five fixed-income ETFs. Some of the funds have had their headline prices reduced.

The European iShares Core Series follows the launch of a similar Core series in the US in 2012, and in Canada in March 2014.

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