MSCI equity ETFs net $29bn in H1 2014

MSCI equity ETFs net $29bn in H1 2014

MSCI index-based equity ETFs gathered more new net assets than those of any other index provider in H1 2014.

Over a third ($32bn) of the $86bn global net inflows into equity ETFs in H1 2014 were invested in MSCI index-based ETFs, accounting for $32bn of assets.

Additionally, a third of all new ETFs launched in H1 were based on MSCI indexes, representing 75 ETFs which raised approximately $1.45bn.

This brought the number of MSCI index-tracking ETFs to over 650 globally, which is more than any other index provider.

“We are delighted with these numbers which are evidence of MSCI’s strength in the ETF market,” said Baer Pettit, managing director and global head of MSCI’s index business.

Pettit attributed MSCI’s success to prioritising innovation, close relationships with ETF providers and a strong brand.