GHK International eyes trader training

GHK International eyes trader training

New prop firm GHK International is in June set to begin operations, including the offering of a trader training course to up and coming futures traders.

In conjunction with affiliations in Brussels, Montreal, Nice and Paris, proprietary trading firm GHK International in June is set to begin its operations in London, following its acquisition of several traders and infrastructure of the now defunct Bull Moose Derivatives. 

As part of this new collaboration - headed by parent proprietary trading firm GH Kapital AB, a Swedish company - the business will look to acquire traders and grow operations at multiple locations.

The new company is led by a number of partners, including Andrew Hallett, owner of existing prop firm GH Kapital AB.

The new firm is setting out to "reinvigorate a consolidating industry and bring the focus back to human trading talent," Hallett told FOW, as the proliferation of automated trading strategies has been prioritised over the past decade. 

GHK International was formed in April when the partners officially started to work in combination and Bull Moose Derivatives ceased to exist.

Bull Moose had grown to more than 30 prop traders from just three when the company was founded in 2011.

Two directors of the past London firm will be collaborating with the new enterprise in London, namely Didier Voichet and Federico Lago.

GHK International will in June begin offering a new trader training programme, with the firm currently holding interviews for places.

The new training offering will stack up against established offerings in the prop market from rivals including the London Academy of Trading, Futex and OSTC.

Many prop trading firms are currently focusing on expansion to fill this void, to take advantage of regulatory changes which have shifted the playing field in prop.

GHKI told FOW that last week it opened a new site in Brussels, backing up-and-coming traders, which is in addition to sites in Nice, Paris, Montreal and Madrid. 

Future plans also include offering its traders access to emerging markets along with a physical location in Miami and the establishment of a training site affiliated with a local university in Agadir, Morrocco, by the end of the summer.

Hallett, owner of Sweden-based parent company GH Kapital, set up the firm in 2008 after holding a number of derivatives and equities trading roles at SWIFT and Refco, and serving as a director at Caskade Trading.

Voichet was most recently head of trading at Bull Moose, which he joined from Southegg Capital Management where he was head of business development. Prior to this, he was head of prop trading at Odin Capital Management and has held a number of prop trading positions at Argo Traders, Schneider Trading, Tower Trading Group, Refco and Marex.

Lago was a managing director at Bull Moose Derivatives, joining in November 2013 also from Southegg Capital Management where he was a trader and business development manager. Lago was promoted to the role in March after former MD Matthew Glassman quit the firm.

Note: This article has been amended to remove earlier references to a merger between GHKI and Bull Moose Derivatives.

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