Beneficial owners survey 2017 results

Beneficial owners survey 2017 results

The results of Global Investor/ISF 2017 survey of beneficial owners’ views about their agent lenders’ performance have been announced.

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The survey produced the same global winners as last year but behind the headline results there were many interesting developments.

The highest average scores belonged to Goldman Sachs, unweighted, and JPMorgan, weighted, while State Street took a significant share of the regional prizes in the survey.

The weighted scores took into consideration the size of beneficial owners' lendable portfolios as well as the importance that, on aggregate, they attached to each of the service categories.

The winner of the weighted table was JPMorgan, which it also achieved last year. It did so through consistently strong performance across all the regions.

However, the winning scores in the Americas and Asia Pacific belonged to State Street while Citi again triumphed in EMEA.

On the unweighted side of the survey, Goldman Sachs Agency Lending repeated its performance of 2016 by achieving the highest average score and highest scores in EMEA and the Americas. 

JPMorgan again had the highest unweighted global total score. 

The major change on the unweighted side was that State Street triumphed in Asia Pacific, raising its position from runner-up last year.

Across the survey the results were tight. This is perhaps unsurprising given the widespread satisfaction expressed by the survey respondents: 84.1% were either extremely or very satisfied with their programmes. 

The winning average scores have also crept up since 2016 – unweighted by 0.03 and weighted by 0.05.

It must also be remembered that the providers rated in this survey represent the best-performing ones in the market – reaching the target number of responses and having a strong international presence are minimum requirements. 

Qualifying for the survey is an achievement in itself – firms positioned lower in the tables can feel justly proud.

Beneficial owners from all over the world were invited to rate their agent lenders across 12 service categories.

The main tables – where responses relating to all types of lending arrangements are included – are based on all 139 responses to the survey.

The downloadable pdf includes all the survey tables including ratings divided into custodial and third-party agent lender arrangements as well as into three geographical regions.

The survey is part of a special report that also includes a roundtable discussion featuring US beneficial owners, agent lenders and a data provider.

Click here to download the beneficial owners survey 2017

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