The roadmap to SFTR implementation

The roadmap to SFTR implementation

The pace of Securities Finance Transaction Regulation (SFTR) preparation has picked up. 

With Pirum Systems recently combining forces with IHS Markit to jointly develop an end-to-end reporting solution, both firms view the technical challenges as falling into five main categories: data gathering, standardisation, reconciliation, reporting and connectivity.

Pirum & IHS Markit believe that their modular approach offers the most comprehensive way to meet the many different challenges posed by the regulation covering all reportable SFTs. 

"Together, we believe we are on the right track to work collaboratively with the industry to lead the way towards a solution that will meet the needs of participants and regulators," experts at both companies told Global Investor/ISF.

Click here to find out more about Pirum and IHS Markit's SFTR reporting solution. 

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