Global custody survey – now live

Global custody survey – now live

The annual Global Investor global custody survey is now live.

Global Investor is inviting all asset managers, asset owners and banks to rate the performance of their global custodians.

Click here to respond to the survey.

Last year’s Global Investor survey produced a variety of winners with State Street, Pictet Asset Services, RBC I&TS and Citi sharing the global top spots.

In this year’s survey there will be 18 service category tables. Each of these categories is broken down into sub-categories, on which respondents rate their global custodians. 

Respondents are asked to rate their global custodians from 1 (very poor) to 7 (excellent) in each of the sub-categories.

The overall tables will be presented in the heatmap format introduced last year. Global custodians’ results are presented in alphabetical order with the winning score in each region/category highlighted. 

There are two global columns and regional ones for Emea, the Americas and Asia Pacific (defined by where the respondent is based).

The weighted tables contain a two-stage calculation process, combing stages that allow for the respondents AuM and the importance that the respondents attach to each service category. Unweighted tables will also be presented.