FOW Regulation 2017

Grange City Hotel, London, United Kingdom

06 Sep 2017

Event Overview

FOW Regulation 2017 event educates the market on the latest changes in financial regulation and how it will impact derivatives trading in London and beyond.

The event is aimed at translating reforms into business opportunity. Each panel begins with an intro framing the legislation under consideration followed by a discussion on what that means for how you run your business or operations. 

There are limited complimentary places to those from banks, brokerages and buyside firms. 

If you have any questions about the event please contact Valerija Slavina

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8:00 Registration and refreshments

9:00 Welcome address
William Mitting,
Managing Director, Global Investor Group

9:10 Keynote address

Stephen Hanks, Manager, FCA

9:30 Beyond implementation – new business opportunities under MiFID II
While the majority of the market is focused on implementation of Mifid II, the pioneers are setting their sights on the business opportunities created by the reforms. The directive marks a structural shift in the derivatives market on an unprecedented scale. This panel will ask where
the opportunity lies in the new market structure.

- What does the post-Mifid II trading environment look like?
- How will market structure change create new opportunities?
- What opportunities are there from the changes to the Systematic Internaliser regime?
- How will Mifid II change interactions in the market in the long-term?


Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group

Lewis Richardson, Derivatives Business Development Manager, Fidessa
Anthony Kirby, Director of Regulatory Reform and Risk Management, EY
Gary Stone,
Regulatory Policy analyst and Market Structure Strategist, Bloomberg
Vassiliki Veliou,
Head of Market Structure & Regulation, Eurex

10:20 Coffee break

10:45 Brexit contingency planning
With uncertainty the only certainty around the Brexit negotiations, all financial institutions are making contingency plans for every eventuality. However, it is not only the larger companies that will be impacted and all businesses in the financial markets should understand
the potential impact and make contingency plans.

- How are larger firms preparing for Brexit?
- What impact on operations is Brexit likely to have?
- How can smaller firms cost effectively plan for Brexit?
- What did the July PRA review require? 


Dave Feltes, Director, KPMG

Thomas Donegan
, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Oliver Robinson, Associate Director, Markets Regulation, AIMA
Simon Puleston-Jones, Head of Europe,  FIA
Alex McDonald, CEO, WMBA

11:35 Presentation: Play your MiFID 2 cards right – Test your knowledge on this quick fire myth busting quiz

Anne Plested,
Head of EU Regulation Change Programme, Fidessa

11:55 DEA and market access issues within Mifid II
Regulation of direct electronic access has taken centre stage in Mifid II bringing more questions than answers to date.
With a wide definition of HFT, differences across asset classes and continued uncertainty over third-country firm access, firms will need to
review their DEA flows and processes to meet requirements.

- How is DEA defined and what are the differences in interpretation of the rules across jurisdictions?
- How are firms dealing with the issue of sub-delegation of DEA?
- What is high-frequency algorithmic trading and what are the consequences for users of HFAT in various jurisdictions?
- What is straight-through processing and how will it impact firms across the market?


Julie Aelbrecht, Senior Reporter, Global Investor Group

Wieger ten Have, Compliance Officer, Flow Traders
Nathaniel Lalone, Partner, Katten
Greg Wood, SVP, Global Industry Operations and Technology, FIA
Jason Wright, Director Futures Electronic Trading, Barclays

12: 45 Lunch

13:45 Regulatory reporting: peak implementation
2018 marks the introduction of new reporting rules under Mifid II, SFTR and changes to the existing regime under the Emir review. This will result in even more complexity in terms of data processing and reporting mechanisms. It is clear that many firms will have to
overhaul how they report both internally and externally in order to meet the requirements.

- What does the Emir review mean for reporting?
- How will Mifid II and SFTR rules change reporting processes?
- What are the main challenges in reporting firms are facing in 2018 and how to overcome them?
- How can firms drive efficiencies across the requirements to report?


Daniel Simpson, Head of Research JWG

Adrian Gill, Regulation Specialist, Abide Financial
Subbu Loganathan, Founder & CEO, Pico Analytics
David Masters, Director- Operations Regulatory Reporting, Société Générale
Tom Wieczorek,
MD of Product Management, UnaVista, LSEG

14:35 Position limits: preparing for uncertainty
Position limits on commodity trading have been one of the most uncertain and complex parts of the Mifid II legislation. Uncertainty over the threshold of the limits, exemptions and the processes of monitoring remain with just months to go before the implementation causing major headaches for market participants.

- What are the limits and the implications for the industry?
- What is an “economically equivalent OTC product” and how to identify it?
- What are the data flows necessary for position monitoring?
- What exemptions are there and how can firms qualify?


Clive Furness, Managing Director, Contango

Carolyn Jackson, Partner, Katten
Diarmuid O'Hegarty,  Head of Compliance, ADMIS
Paul Willis, Manager, Markets Policy, FCA
Alistair Macnaughton,
Chief Legal Officer, Mulvaney Capital Management Ltd

15:25 Coffee break

15:45 The expansion of the Senior Managers Regime
From 2018, the Senior Managers Regime will be expanded to include all firms in the financial industry. Already applied to banks, non-bank brokerages, prop firms and asset managers are among those who will have to adapt to the new rules and understand the differences from
the current Approved Persons Regime.

- What responsibilities will managers have under the SMR?
- What internal operations need to change?
- What reporting is required under the regime?
- How does the regime change market surveillance requirements for trading firms?


Vaughan Edwards, Director, Medius Consulting
Brian McDonnell
, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard
Prem Griffith,
Consultant, Bovill
Paul Grainger,
CEO, Complyport

16:35 Post Mifid II reforms
Mifid II is set to be one of the most intensive regulatory implementations the industry has ever know but the pace of reform will not let up.
With more reforms and the impact of Brexit on the horizon, we look ahead to the next stages of reforms including the General Data Protection Regulation, SFTR and more.


William Mitting, Managing Director, Global Investor Group

Brian McDonnell
, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard
Barney Reynolds,
Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Olivier Laurent,
Senior Product Manager – Regulatory Change Product Management, HSBC 

17:15 Drinks reception

Confirmed Speakers


Julie Aelbrecht, Senior Reporter, Global Investor Group
Thomas Donegan, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Vaughn Edwards
, Director, Medius Consulting
Dave Feltes, Director, KPMG
Clive Furness, Managing Director, Contango
Adrian Gill,
Regulation Specialist, Abide Financial
Paul Grainger, CEO, Complyport
Prem Griffith, Consultant, Bovill
Stephen Hanks, Manager, FCA
Carolyn Jackson, Partner, Katten
Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group
Anthony Kirby, Director of Regulatory Reform and Risk Management, EY
Nathaniel Lalone, Partner, Katten
Olivier Laurent,
Senior Product Manager – Regulatory Change Product Management, HSBC
Subbu Loganathan,
Founder & CEO. Pico Analytics
Alistair Macnaughton,
Chief Legal Officer, Mulvaney Capital Management Ltd
David Masters,
Director - Operations Reguloatory Reporting, Societe Generale
Alex McDonald, CEO, WMBA
Brian  McDonnell, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard
William Mitting, Managing Director, Global Investor Group
Diarmund O'Hegarty, Head of compliance, ADMIS
Anne Plested,
Head of EU Regulation Change Programme, Fidessa
Simon  Puleston-Jones, Head of Europe, FIA
Lewis Richardson,
Derivatives Business Development Manager, Fidessa
Barney Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Oliver Robinson, Associate Director, Markets Regulation, AIMA
Daniel Simpson, Head of Research, JWG
Gary Stone,
Regulatory Policy analyst and Market Structure Strategist, Bloomberg
Wieger ten Have,
Compliance Officer, Flow Traders
Vassiliki Veliou,
Head of Market Structure & Regulation, Eurex
Paul Willis, Manager, Markets Policy, FCA
Tom Wieczorek, MD of Product Management, UnaVista, LSEG
Jason Wright, Director Futures Electronic Trading, Barclays
Greg Wood ,SVP, Global Industry Operations and Technology, FIA






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