Trading Milan

Westin Hotel, Milan, Italy

08 Nov 2017

Trading Milan will be launched on 8th of November 2017 and held at the Westin Hotel, Milan.

The forum brings together the local and regional asset management and wider professional trading community for a day of discussion and debate on the key issues facing business models today.

Topics focus on both the local and international issues facing the market.

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Agenda Overview

8:45 Registration and refreshments

9:45 Welcome address

10:00 Keynote address

10:20 Debate on the Italian election

11:00: Coffee break

11:20 Presentation

11:30 State of the asset management market: adapting to challenging times

Across Europe and beyond the traditional asset management business model is under pressure from lower yields and competition from passive investments. This is resulting in consolidation, increased efficiency and innovation. While the Italian asset management market has thrived over the past two years, it is not immune to the challenges.

- What is causing pressure on asset managers today?
- Where are the operational efficiencies to be found for asset managers?
- What new distribution opportunities are out there?
- What opportunities are there in PIR funds for international investors?

12:10 ETFs rapid growth and expansion into new asset classes
Global ETF assets topped $4tr earlier this year and are fast growing in Europe. Not only is use of the instruments growing, ETFs are expanding into new asset classes and are being used in increasingly varied ways by the professional investment community. This panel will discuss the factors that are driving this growth and how ETFs can complement your trading strategy and portfolios.

- What is responsible for the rapid growth of ETFs around the world?
- How are ETFs increasingly being used as financial instruments?
- What is behind the popularity of fixed income ETFs
- How is ETF liquidity changing with new order protocols such as the launch of RFQ in Italy? 

12:50 Lunch break

13:45 Presentation: Open end funds trading: opportunities for institutional investors 

13:55 What’s the future of capital market infrastructure in Europe?
European regulations Mifid II and Emir look set to fundamentally change how and where many asset classes and instruments are traded. The introduction of mandatory clearing and new trading venues for OTC derivatives and attempts to increase transparency elsewhere will force the market to evolve.

- What does the future of capital market infrastructure in Europe look like?
- What instruments will be traded on Organised Trading Facilities?
- How will the reforms change operations for asset managers?
- What does open access in Mifid II mean for the market?

14:35 Finding yield in an age of low rates
Historically low interest rates and quantitative easing has pushed down bond yields and pushed up equity prices forcing investors to innovate in the search for alpha. Opportunities abound in both the use of new derivatives instruments and in emerging markets but new opportunities add new complexities to a portfolio.

- What impact are lower rates and QE having on returns?
- What asset classes or instruments are investors turning to in the search for yield?
- What derivatives instruments can be used to increase yield?
- What emerging markets today are attracting investment and how to access them? 

15:15 Coffee break

15:40  Collateral efficiency: taking centre stage
New regulations for both the buy and the sell side and the drive for efficiency across the business is forcing firms to be much more efficient with how they manage and transmit collateral. While fears of a collateral shortage are overblown, there are issues with the optimisation of collateral across the market.

- What difference can better management of collateral make to a business?
- How are bilateral margining rules changing how collateral is managed?
- How is the repo market being impacted by the increased collateral demand?
- How can the buyside and the sellside work together to better manage collateral? 

16:20 Brexit: impact on the European asset management community
In 2019, the UK will formally leave the European Union. With just two years to negotiate the settlement, there are certain to be numerous issues left on the table and much uncertainty when it comes to cross border business and capital flows between the UK and Europe. For European asset managers there may be opportunities as well as a challenges.

- How might Brexit impact investment in UK-based managers?
- What impact might Brexit have on access to the City of London for European firms?
- What can firms do now to prepare for disruption?
- Is Brexit an opportunity for EU asset managers?

17:00 Drinks reception

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