The MENA Asset Management and Trading Summit

Nassima Royal Hotel, Dubai, UAE

14 Nov 2017

The MENA Asset Management and Trading Summit brings together FOW and Global Investor’s successful events for a day of debate and discussion on asset management, derivatives and the wider capital markets across the region.

Join over 200 delegates for a day of panels, presentations and networking on the topics that are impacting your business.
The event is aimed at asset managers, hedge funds, banks and brokers from across the MENA region.

** Please be advised, a conference registration does not include the Gala dinner in the evening. For more information on this, please contact Zara Mahmud **







08:30 Registration and refreshments

09:15 Welcome address


09:30 Diversifying and growing GCC’s capital markets

Economies across the GCC are implementing structural reforms to diversify away from their reliance on oil. Capital market diversification will offer a key growth opportunity for the region. However, there is more to be done to align markets across the GCC and with international standards to make them attractive destinations for international investors.

- How can the GCC be made more attractive to foreign investors?
- What impact with the introduction of VAT have on capital markets and the wide region?
- How to align rules and link capital markets across the region?
- How to build a capital markets tech hub in the GCC?

Oliver Schutzmann, CEO, Iridium

Rajiv Kumar, Deputy CEO, Phillip Futures
Eric Salomons, Head of Markets Division, DFSA
Ashish Marwah,
Lead Investment Manager, ADS Securities 


10:15 Single stock futures and equity derivatives: continuing their growth and relevance

Lower interest rates in many benchmark economies have depressed yields and returns for traders and investors forcing firms to seek new opportunities. Single stock futures are growing in prominence and volumes across the MENA region as firms seek to enhance strategies and better hedge exposures. This panel will look at the growth of single stock futures and equity derivatives as a whole and ask what's next for investors. . 
- What new markets and instruments are firms across the GCC trading?
- How can investors track equity indexes cost effectively and with reduced slippage?
- How are investors using equity derivatives to boost returns?
- What is the outlook for single stock futures and equity derivatives across MENA?

Julie Aelbrecht,
Derivatives Editor, Global Investor Group


Markus Georgi, Head of the Hong Kong Representative Office, Eurex
Sudhan Sundaram, Head of Equity Products, DGCX
Narendra Hegde,
Associate Director – South Asia & Middle East, Singapore Exchange
Nabil Al Rantisi,
Managing Director - Brokerage, Menacorp

11:00 Coffee and Networking


11:45 One-on-one interview: ESG: getting ahead in responsible investment

Environmental, social and governance investments or ESG are an increasingly important consideration for many allocators and investors
today. But there remains uncertainty about what exactly ESG factors are important in a portfolio and what tools and standards are required to conform.

- What does responsible investment really mean?
- What processes and reporting tools do firms need to adopt?
- How can investors gain an edge with ESG?
- What is the future of ESG?

Moderator: Selloua Chakri, Managing Director, SCL Advisory Limited 

Speaker: Kamran Butt, Managing Director, Sedco Capital Luxembourg 


12:10 Asset management in the GCC: state of the market

Asset managers across the world are being buffeted by low returns, rising costs and competition from tracker funds and ETFs. However, pioneers are innovating to stay ahead, looking at new fee structures, reducing their cost bases and taking advantage of new technologies.
This panel will bring together individuals from across the asset management market to discuss the state of the market.
- How are asset managers in the GCC impacted by the global pressures?
- What new technologies are offering asset managers an edge?
- How are fee structures changing to attract investment?
- Where are the opportunities today for GCC asset managers?
-How has quantitative easing in the major global economies impacted GCC liquidity? 

Ashish Marwah, Lead Investment Manager, ADS Securities 

Devesh Mamtaani, Head – Investments & Advisory, Century Financial Brokers
Steve Barnett, Head of Financial Centre Development, ADGM 
Chris Wilson,
Head of Investor Relations, Aldar Properties
Saleem Khokhar, Executive Director – Head of Fund Management & Equities, FAB Investment Management


12:55 Oil markets: braced for recovery?

Oil remains the central pillar of the economy of the GCC and the region has been hit hard by the declining price. But better times might be ahead and the increased sophistication of the oil markets is presenting new opportunities for traders.

- What is the outlook for oil?
- What new products have been launched locally?
- How will the crude futures launch in China impact the global oil market?

Tobias Young,
Head of Hydrocarbons, DGCX

James Lear, Director – Proprietary Trading, DME
Edward Bell, Director of Commodities Research, Emirates NBD
Robin Mills,
CEO, Qamar Energy

13:45 Lunch
15:00 Closing Drinks and Networking


Speakers list:

Julie Aelbrecht, Derivatives Editor, Global Investor Group
Nabil Al Rantisi, 
Managing Director - Brokerage, Menacorp
Steve  Barnett, 
Head of Financial Centre Development, ADGM
Edward Bell, 
Director of Commodities Research, Emirates NBD
Kamran  Butt, 
Managing Director, Sedco Capital Luxembourg,  Sedco Capital
Selloua Chakri,  
Managing Director, SCL Advisory Limited
Markus Georgi, 
Head of Rep Office, Eurex
Narendra Hegde, 
Associate Director – South Asia & Middle East, Singapore Exchange
Saleem Khokhar,
 Executive Director – Head of Fund Management & Equities, First Abu Dhabi
Rajiv Kumar,
Deputy CEO,  Phillip Futures 
James Lear,  
Director – Proprietary Trading, DME
Devesh Mamtaani,
 Head – Investments & Advisory, Century Financial Brokers
Ashish  Marwah, 
Lead Investment Manager, ADS Securities
Robin  Mills,  
CEO, Qamar Energy
Eric Salomons, 
Head of Markets Division, DFSA
Oliver Schutzmann, 
CEO, Iridium
Sudhan  Sundaram, 
Head of Equity Products, DGCX 
Chris  Wilson, 
Head of Investor Relations, Aldar Properties 
Tobias Young,
 Head of Hydrocarbons, DGCX 

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Qatar National Bank (Q.P.S.C.) (QNB Group) was established in 1964 as the country’s first Qatari-owned commercial bank, with an ownership structure split between the Qatar Investment Authority (50%) and (50%) held by members of the public.
QNB Group has steadily grown to be the biggest bank in Qatar and the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa region.
The Group’s presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies now extends to more than 31 countries across three continents providing a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. The total number of employees around 27,800 operating through more than 1,230 locations, with an ATM network of more than 4,200 machines.
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DME is the premier international energy futures and commodities exchange in the Middle East, providing transparent oil pricing for the Middle East and Asian markets. Launched in 2007, the DME’s flagship Oman futures contract has become a key global indicator for crude oil markets and is now the largest physically delivered crude oil futures contract in the world. DME is a joint venture between Dubai Holding, Oman Investment Fund and CME Group, plus a number of strategic investors.





Established in 2005, DGCX is the region’s leading derivatives exchange and the only one allowing global participants to trade, clear and settle transactions within the Gulf region. The Exchange has played a pioneering role in developing the regional market for derivatives and financial infrastructure. DGCX is an electronic commodity and currency derivatives exchange with over 200 members from across the globe, offering futures and options contracts covering the precious metals, energy, equities and currency sectors.  DGCX is a subsidiary of DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), a Dubai Government Authority for trade, enterprise and commodities. For more information:
DGCX also owns and operates the region’s largest and only multi-asset Clearing House – Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation (DCCC). DCCC is federally regulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) and is recognized as a Third-Country CCP by European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) with over 90 clearers from across the globe. For more information:



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Straits is the brokerage and financial services siubsidiary of CWR Limited (, a publicity-listed copmpany in SIngapore and a leading provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions. With logistical and warehousing support from CWT, Straits delivers a unique blend of integrated fiancial services to fulfiul the diverse needs opf our clients, Straits institutional customers include producers, exporters, importers, refineries, grain elevators, cattle feedlots and miners - stakeholders who possess an underlying interest in our products or commodities. Our clients also include traders and portfolio managers. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and offer tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements. Straits also commands many years of experience in their retail sector.





Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange is Asia’s leading and trusted market infrastructure, operating equity, fixed income and derivatives markets to the highest regulatory standards. As Asia’s most international, multi-asset exchange, SGX provides listing, trading, clearing, settlement, depository and data services, with about 40% of listed companies and 75% of listed bonds originating outside of Singapore.

SGX is the world’s most liquid offshore market for the benchmark equity indices of China, India, Japan and ASEAN and offers commodities and currency derivatives products. Headquartered in AAA-rated Singapore, SGX is globally recognised for its risk management and clearing capabilities. For more information, please visit


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SEDCO Capital is a Global asset manager offering investment solutions in a wide range of geographies and asset classes.

Having established a strong track record of advisory services and investment management, SEDCO Capital currently manages assets in a diversified spectrum of investments in real estate, equities, both private and listed, and other businesses with a total AUM of about 5 billion USD. The company follows the highest standards of corporate governance rules and practices including the use of advanced information technology systems. With a successful long term track record, SEDCO Capital is committed to offering innovative Islamic-compliant & ESG investment products and today has a sharia compliant & ESG investment fund platform – SEDCO Capital Global Funds Luxembourg.

SEDCO Capital has been developing the Prudent Ethical Investment (PEI) approach combining Responsible and Shariah-compliant investments. In 2014, SEDCO Capital was the first Saudi asset manager and the first fully sharia compliant asset manager to become a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI), an initiative started by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. This principle-based framework called for the incorporation of environmental, social and governance into the investment process.

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Supporting Organisation

The Middle East Investor Relations Association is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the Investor Relations (IR) profession and international standards in corporate governance. The mission of MEIRA is to enhance the reputation, efficiency and attractiveness of the Middle East capital markets.

This is delivered by fostering increased dialogue among members and encouraging the IR community to share the global benchmark in best practice within the field of IR. In partnership with stock exchanges, regulators and other market participants, MEIRA supports companies through its professional development and certification programmes as well as its membership community and network of country Chapters.

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Founded in 2002, ADVANCED helps and educates everyone on financial technologies that are changing the world of trading. Analyzing your winners and more importantly re-engineering your losers. Focused on (AI)Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the applications in Big Data Analysis to the way you trade.



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Middle East Business News and Magazine is part of Ougarit Group for Marketing. Middle East Business provides quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues, highlights investment prospects, analyses business trends and connects private sector players within the Middle East region, and between this important region and other countries around the globe.  The magazine also sheds light on gender issues related to business as well as on creative approaches by policy-makers to resolve business related dilemmas. Middle East Business is an important economic media communication vehicle for promoting private sector-led growth in the Middle East region.

Middle East Business is powered by a mobile application, website and through social media. We solidified all of this with an audiovisual channel on You Tube. We are strengthened by a network of correspondents across many countries.







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The world of finance is a complex one and the plethora of products, concepts and options available makes this industry even more challenging to comprehend. Wealth Monitor aims to demystify this world and present to its reader’s hot, topical, issue- based articles aimed at the broader interests of its readers and to enable them to make right decisions when it comes to wealth management, money matters and choosing any financial product or investment option.






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