FOW Derivatives World Asia

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11 Apr 2018

FOW is back in Hong Kong for the 6th year of its long running flagship Asia event. This year we bring a new format to the event. The first day will be a general event
covering two streams looking at the Asian and Chinese markets followed by a series of invite-only closed door private sessions on the second day.

If you have any questions about the event please contact Valerija Slavina
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DAY 1: Two streams


9:00 Introduction


9:10 Welcome address


9:30 Keynote speech


9:50 Getting growth back on track in Asia

After three decades of astronomical growth across Asian markets, volumes have all but stagnated since 2010. We look at how innovation, new launches and initiatives can restore the region’s markets to growth.

  • What new derivatives launches are coming up in 2018?
  • How will the include of A-shares in MSCI help growth across the region?
  • What is next for the Connect programme?


10:35 Coffee break


11:00 Reimagining derivatives operations

Trading and back office operations across the derivatives industry have been patched together over many years with new technology having to adapt to legacy systems. But what would be the ideal set up if you were to design the system from scratch?

  • How are legacy systems impacting innovation?
  • What does the ideal operations infrastructure look like?
  • What is holding back adoption of new technologies?


11:45 Presentation


11:55 ETFs: growing in popularity for regional asset managers

ETFs continue to grow in popularity in Asia as more market makers and asset managers come in to the vibrant market. Increasingly asset managers are using them as a vital part of their portfolio to gain low cost exposure to different markets. But more needs to be done to develop liquidity in locally focused products. 

  • How are asset managers in Asia using ETFs?
  • What new institutional players are coming in to the market?
  • How can the industry build and support more localised ETFs?


12:40 Lunch


International stream

China stream

13:40 Regional exchanges and market in Asia: the challenges of diversification

Regional exchanges tend to launch with the local index and currency and sometimes a relevant local commodity. However, they often struggle to diversify and launch new asset classes and internationally relevant contracts. But with recent successes – is that about to change?

-          How are exchanges diversifying their offerings?

-          What are the challenges in launching extra hour trading sessions?

-          How can regional exchanges internationalise their markets?  

- Other market players’ perspectives


14:25 Presentation


15:45 Iron Ore: let battle commence

Iron Ore has been one of the most volatile commodities over the past five years so it is no surprise that a number of exchange launches are seeking to capitalise on the opportunity. With HKEx, CME, SGX and Dalian Commodity Exchange all offering contracts, how will competition evolve?

-          Why is Iron Ore such a hot commodity today?

-          How is the competitive landscape evolving?

-          What are the opportunities for traders?



15:25 Coffee break


15:45 Changing buyside execution strategies

The buyside is increasingly turning to electronic execution for a wider variety of asset classes and instruments. This brings efficiency and greater transparency to operations but also heralds a change in market structure with proprietary trading firms offering execution venues to the buyside.

-          What is forcing the buyside to review execution strategies?

-          What are the requirements for and benefits of greater control?

-          How are new liquidity providers changing the market?


16:30 Presentation


16:40 Cryptocurrencies: where is the market going? 

The launch of bitcoin futures has been the most widely covered futures launch for decades. While there is no doubt huge opportunity in the volatility there are also risks of trading an asset class with little history or fundamentals. This panel will look at the development of cryptocurrencies as an asset class and ask where the market is going.

-          What is the latest thinking on the development of bitcoin futures?

-          What is next in the development of cryptocurrencies as an asset class?

-          How are firms risk managing bitcoin futures?

13:40 The local view: opportunities in the Chinese derivatives markets

Our regular panel brings together some of the key figures from the Chinese FCM and exchange community to get their views on how is the recent developments in the local market including an overview of key trends and the outlook for international firms in China as rules on foreign ownership are relaxed.

-          What are the key trends in the Chinese market today?

-          What new launches are anticipated by the market?

-          How will changes to foreign ownership rules impact local business?


14:35 What does the Belt and Road Initiative mean for derivatives markets?

The Belt and Road Initiative is a key plank of Chinese government policy over the next decade and beyond. While much of the focus has been on trade, capital markets are set to be impacted as well. This panel will look at what the initiative means for regional and global trading.

-          What is the Belt and Road Initiative and how does it impact capital markets?

-          What impact will increased trade have on markets?

-          How are exchanges positioning themselves for Belt and Road?


15:25 Coffee break


15:45 Crude oil and building international pricing

The launch of crude oil futures by the International Energy Exchange is the most significant contract launch in recent history. It comes as China seeks to build international benchmarks out of its local futures market, a key pillar of the overall development strategy. But how can China develop international benchmarks and what is the appetite for the oil contract?

-          Update on the launch of the International Energy Exchange

-          How can international firms trade the market?

-          How will Chinese exchanges develop local benchmarks?


16:40 Options in China: progress report and upcoming launches

With the first anniversary of the agricultural options launch in China approaching, we review progress and ask how the market has developed in the first year. We also ask what upcoming launches are in the works and how the market is likely to evolve.  

-          How did the launch of options trading in China go?

-          What is next in terms of options launches?

-          How can international firms access Chinese options markets?




 17:30 Drinks reception


DAY 2: Strategy day

Our new event format brings together senior figures from the regional market discuss a range of strategic topics related to their businesses.

The day consists of a series of closed-door, invite only forums. 


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HKEX is a leader in China connectivity. It has been the largest offshore listing destination for Mainland Chinese companies for three decades. Trading and clearing infrastructure of HKEX markets is fully RMB-enabled, and HKEX has more offshore RMB products than any other exchange. HKEX launched the ground-breaking Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme in 2014, allowing international investors to connect easily with Mainland China's stock market for the first time. The scheme is expanded with the launch of Shenzhen Connect in December 2016.


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