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Eurex to introduce settled-to-market model for OTC IRS

The clearer is also set to initiate a revenue sharing program for IRS trades in...

ICE to invest customer funds in foreign sovereign debt

ICE's clearing houses propose to invest customer funds in French and German...

Jeroen Bakker exits HSBC

Bakker most recently held the role of director, securities lending and financing...

Not all systematic internalisers will survive – expert

Execution expert Patricia Shin said firms are using new order types to mitigate...

HK and US regulators warn on cryptocurrency futures

On Sunday Cboe became the first exchange to list futures using bitcoin as...

CFTC allays concerns over CTA registration

The FIA were concerned separate research payments would render members as CTAs...


Technology to shake-up custody business

Technological innovation presents both challenges and opportunities to the...

Open access: not for derivatives, not for now

Mifid II aims to introduce more competition but open access poses challenges for...

DNB dents Amsterdam’s Brexit hopes

Ruling on bonus cap by the Central Bank could not come at a worse time for...

Exchanges expand horizontally as ‘mega merger’ era ends

Exchange expert Patrick Young tells FOW that ICE’s 4.7% stake in Euroclear is...

Collateral in 2017 Part 2: Effective collateral management

Efficient collateral management across the industry is essential to navigating...

Rolet: a legacy of growth

Profits and revenues up considerably but LSE still paying the price for failure...


ETFs as a case study in disruption

By Rob Rushe, EMEA ETF executive at BNY Mellon.

Saudi Arabia: Turbulence on the Horizon?

By Erik Norland, executive director and senior economist at CME Group

Bitcoin futures threaten reputation of the industry

The only risk that bitcoin futures are mitigating are the risks created by their...

Editorial: The Winner Takes it All

On the annual FOW Awards and the never-ending bitcoin saga

Bitcoin futures – the best idea ever?

By Steve Grob, director of group strategy at Fidessa


Collateral in 2017

Challenges and solutions for the buyside.

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Thought Leaders

Apcela’s UltraFast Market Data for the Cloud: plugging in real-time market data

Apcela won this year's new market data product award at the FOW International...

ABN AMRO Clearing is optimistic about the future of proprietary trading

ABN AMRO Clearing won the award for proprietary traders' clearing firm of the...

Wematch: Shining a light on collateral and securities financing

Wematch discusses regulatory tailwinds, building liquidity and supporting banks...

Deutsche Bank: The route to client empowerment

Satvinder Singh explains how a modular approach to securities services in a...

Tradeweb: Bringing the international bond market to Asia

Tradeweb was instrumental in developing the Bond Connect programme

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Ambitions for America

Insight Investment CEO Abdallah Nauphal is ready to make a big impression on the other side of the Atlantic.

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