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Tech upgrades boost HSBC's agency lending business

The firm revamped its sec lending platform back in January in a bid to automate...

Satvinder Singh to exit Deutsche Bank

Satvinder Singh, Deutsche Bank’s global head of securities services, has decided...

High quality sec finance data valuable for regulators - FSOC

FSOC backs efforts to collect data on certain securities lending trades on a...

47% believe their firms are "reactive" to compliance

This group can only tackle problems when they happen, according to a Cordium...

Fund admin market could shrink to tenth of size - SS&C boss

There are still 300 fund administrators operating in the space

Larger trading venues may be limiting ISIN creation - DSB

Banks and the buy side are creating more ISINs than larger trading venues


SFTR reporting – a global paradigm?

The European regulation stands to affect market participants across the globe

Technology to shake-up custody business

Technological innovation presents both challenges and opportunities to the...

Open access: not for derivatives, not for now

Mifid II aims to introduce more competition but open access poses challenges for...

DNB dents Amsterdam’s Brexit hopes

Ruling on bonus cap by the Central Bank could not come at a worse time for...

Exchanges expand horizontally as ‘mega merger’ era ends

Exchange expert Patrick Young tells FOW that ICE’s 4.7% stake in Euroclear is...

Collateral in 2017 Part 2: Effective collateral management

Efficient collateral management across the industry is essential to navigating...


Editorial - Automation, regulation and market structure

The FSOC annual review provides a glimpse into the future of European market...

OTF obstacles facing derivatives traders in 2018

By Fraser Bell, chief revenue officer of BSO

ETFs as a case study in disruption

By Rob Rushe, EMEA ETF executive at BNY Mellon.

Saudi Arabia: Turbulence on the Horizon?

By Erik Norland, executive director and senior economist at CME Group

Bitcoin futures threaten reputation of the industry

The only risk that bitcoin futures are mitigating are the risks created by their...


Collateral in 2017

Challenges and solutions for the buyside.

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Thought Leaders

AxeTrading: bringing the EMS to fixed income

AxeTrading won the FOW award for buy-side trading system of the year 2017

Apcela’s UltraFast Market Data for the Cloud: plugging in real-time market data

Apcela won this year's new market data product award at the FOW International...

ABN AMRO Clearing is optimistic about the future of proprietary trading

ABN AMRO Clearing won the award for proprietary traders' clearing firm of the...

Wematch: Shining a light on collateral and securities financing

Wematch discusses regulatory tailwinds, building liquidity and supporting banks...

Deutsche Bank: The route to client empowerment

Satvinder Singh explains how a modular approach to securities services in a...

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Insight Investment CEO Abdallah Nauphal is ready to make a big impression on the other side of the Atlantic.

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