Gissing launches market data service

Gissing launches market data service

Through the Gissing Connect desktop connectivity platform, it aims to deliver real time market data subscriptions and publications to financial market professionals.

Market data specialist Richard Gissing is the company’s chief technology officer. In 1991 he founded Gissing Software, a market data contributions software provider, which was bought by Reuters in 2008. Earlier this year he formed Gissing Consulting.

That company, as well as technology start-up investor Firm Economics, are the backers of Gissing Technology.

David Priestley of Firm Economics is executive chairman of Gissing Technology, while Paul Watmough has joined from Thomson Reuters as CEO.

Gissing Technology is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Brazil, India and Singapore, so that it can provide global support. It plans to open an Australian operation this year.