Dexia AM undergoes rebranding

Dexia AM undergoes rebranding

Dexia Asset Management has changed its name to Candriam following its acquisition by New York Life Investments in February.

The new name stands for the company’s core values, “conviction and responsibility in asset management”.

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, CEO of Candriam and vice chairman of New York Life Investment Management International, said: “These two values drive everything we do. They are the roots of our expertise, our innovative ideas and a great discipline in our investment processes. Clear convictions empower our teams to strive for excellence. Coupled with responsibility, conviction delivers sustainable out performance across all areas."

Dexia AM, which has €73bn in AuM, was acquired by New York Life Investments on February 3.

The rebranding will “significantly reinvigorate” client relationships, unleash business opportunities and boost the firm’s innovation, said Abou-Jaoudé.

 Candriam aims to grow as a leading brand in Europe and abroad.

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