Omgeo’s fixed income trades grow 12%

Omgeo’s fixed income trades grow 12%

Fixed income trade allocations at Omgeo grew more than 12% in 2013 as macro-economic events rocked the markets.

Omgeo Central Time Manager has had a 20% yearly rise in fixed income volume while Omgeo OASYS has had a 17% yearly increase.

The greatest increase was seen in trades in Asia Pacific which grew 32%. The Americas had the largest total volume of 11.5 million fixed income transactions, a 15% increase from 2012. Volumes in Emea, however, remained the same.

Kevin Arthur, director of fixed income markets at Omgeo, said: “This year, investment strategies and decisions have had to keep up with significant shifts in the macro environment, such as the quantitative easing-related market moves in the US last year. These events have resulted in fund flows in and out of equity and fixed income as well as shifts within fixed income asset classes.”

He added that middle and back offices have to keep up with such frequent changes to investment strategies.

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