Clearstream assets under custody rise 6%

Clearstream assets under custody rise 6%

The value of assets under custody held by Clearstream on behalf of customers registered an increase of 6% to €12.1trn ($16.7trn), compared to €11.4trn in February 2013.

Securities held under custody in Clearstream’s international business as international central securities depository (ICSD) increased by 5% to €6.4trn, while domestic German securities held under custody in the German central securities depository (CSD) rose by 7% to €5.7trn.

In February, 3.7 million international settlement transactions were processed, a 10% increase over February 2013. Of all international transactions, 82% were OTC transactions and 18% were registered as stock exchange transactions. On the German domestic market, settlement transactions rose 4% to 6.8 million, of which 65% were stock exchange transactions.

For global securities financing services, the monthly average outstanding in February 2014 reached €581.1bn. The combined services, which include triparty repo, securities lending and collateral management, collectively experienced an increase of 3%. Investment funds services processed 700,000 transactions, a 17% increase.

Jeffrey Tessler, CEO Clearstream said, “Target2-Securities will transform the post-trade landscape and readiness figures very high on the agenda of many customers and prospects. We take the fact that customers continue to shift asset volumes to us as early support of our strategic plans.

At the same time, we continue to outline the T2S benefits to the market, some of which are not obvious – for example, in the area of capital and liquidity management.”

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