Chinese venture capital inflows rocket

Chinese venture capital inflows rocket

Chinese venture capital fundraising has reached at $3.06bn across 13 funds during Q2 2014, representing the highest level since Q4 2011 and the largest number of funds since Q4 2012.

This brings the total amount of fundraising to $4.27bn across 19 funds in H1 2014, over three times the amount raised in H1 2013.
IDG Capital Partners’ China Venture Capital IV fund was the largest of 2Q 2014, raising $586m and accounting for 19% of the total amount for the quarter.

Venture investment also rose with Chinese venture-backed companies raising $2.8bn in 121 deals in Q2 2014.

This brought total investment to $5.1bn in 228 deals in H1 2014, dwarfing the $2bn in 151 deals raised in the same period last year.

The consumer services sector took the majority ($1.7bn or 62%) of the financing in Q2 2014, followed by business and financial services ($462m) and information technology ($368m).

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