Equity lending and fixed income lending surveys 2016: results

Equity lending and fixed income lending surveys 2016: results

Innovation and emerging technology were notable themes in the 2016 ISF survey – the leading barometer of how lenders and borrowers rate each other across the globe. 

The depth of data behind the Global Investor/ISF International Securities Finance survey means it is widely recognised by market participants as giving the truest picture of counterparty relationships. It is the only survey of its kind. Once again respondents – both lenders and borrowers – were asked to rank firms across multiple service categories and three geographical regions.

Participants on both sides of the equity lending trade were invited to rank the other. For the third year running, a fixed income component has been incorporated into the survey. The survey highlights genuine achievements. Only the very highest-rated firms are presented here. Think of these tables as a roll of honour – with a winner and a shortlist of highly commended firms.

The technology survey also continues this year and has been broadened to include a software solutions award and total return swaps platform category. It was completed by both borrowers (making up 48.21%) and lenders (51.79%), with firms needing a minimum of fifteen responses to qualify overall.

Highlights this year are...

* Morgan Stanley top borrower of 2016

* Bank of America Merrill Lynch runner-up borrower

* Scotiabank rated best borrower in group 2 category

* Natixis most innovative group 2 borrower 

* Jefferies wins most improved borrower award

* Lifetime achievement award: Mohamed Moursy

* State Street top lender of 2016 (weighted)

* BNY Mellon wins unweighted global lender category - rated top in global group 1 tables

* Citi third highest lender globally and most innovative

* RBC Investor & Treasury Services most improved lender

* UBS Switzerland voted best fixed income lender

* Clearstream runner-up in the fixed income category

* eSecLending tops lending table globally (group 2) and wins most innovative    among group 2 peers

* DataLend wins best securities finance data provider award

* EquiLend/BondLend platforms voted best securities lending and borrowing platforms

* Pirum Systems wins best post-trade service offering globally

* Trading Apps collects best securities finance software solutions award

Click here for this year's awards tables.


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